Wednesday Randomness

Being without the husband sure does give one a lot of time to sit around and think about stuff.  Not only do I have all the time I’d normally be spending time with him, but I’m dealing with insomnia too!  Er…not so yay-ish.

Still going strong, more or less.  Had a few rough days with some massive heart flutters.  However, knock on wood, they seem to be lessening today as compared to the past several.  Tummy’s certainly firming up and filling out, though despite what my husband and d/c provider say, I don’t think I’m really showing yet.  Might be feeling a poke upon occasion, but I can’t be certain about that.  It’s a bit early still.  I have my 16 week ultrasound next week, though it’s primarily meant to kick off the bi-weekly checks they’re going to be running on me.

I have to say…I dislike being pregnant.  At least the end results are worth it.  Someone, mark down my request for a shot or two of rum after giving birth?  Please?

Heard back yesterday on the only contest I’ve entered with Dreams.  I knew I hadn’t finaled (when do I ever?), but ouch.  I got my usual high/low split, but for variety this time I only had 1 high score (97) and two low (65/53).  The comments I got back have pretty much finished me for contests.  I get the absolute subjectivity when it comes to reading, but really…one person LOVES and seems think the plot’s very original, another thinks it’s lacking in originality. 

The one detracting originality seems to think that it’s too much along the lines of Laurell K. Hamilton.  I’m going to guess it’s because I have a male character who’s French.  Thus I obviously must be imitating Jean-Claude, or whatever the master vampire’s name is.  Or at least that’s how I ended up interpreting that comment.  Believe me, the LAST thing I would do is imitate ANYthing about Jean-Claude.  He’s probably one of my least favorite LKH things, in no small part b/c he feels the need to say ma petite in almost every single sentence. 

Blood Rage
Well, of all the weirdness, I got a full request just yesterday from an agent on my long-since-called-dead Rage MS.  My original query got lost in a spam box and when I followed up on it just recently, it led to her unburying it and taking a look at the first two chapters.  Less than a day later (after I resent the chapters as discussed – long story there), I got the email.  I gotta say, that’s the way to make MY day.

So – do any of the writers out there either (A) feel frustrated with just how subjective contest judging is or (B) gotten a request from an MS you long ago put in the metaphorical drawer as a relatively lost cause?



  1. Yeah, I was pretty psyched out about it. I had trouble sitting still for several hours. I know it means many weeks more of waiting, waiting, waiting, and judging by past history it will result in a "no", still the request coming in at ALL was awesome. I still have my dreams of hitting it big. I doubt they'll ever go away.Did you end up entering the Golden Heart?


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