He’s Coming Home!

Real (non-writing) LifeWahoo!  Yup, the hubby bought his plane ticket to come home for Christmas today.  I’m sooooo excited now!  He’ll get here just before 10p on Tuesday, 12/21 and leaves at 10:30a on Sunday.  I have to work Wednesday, but took Thursday off and we have Friday anyway.  I scheduled my bi-weekly OB appointment so he could attend with me and thankfully our daycare will be open on the 23rd, so we won’t have to worry about the shrimp causing an uproar when we’re trying to see the twins.

I had another appointment this past week and everything’s still looking good.  Tech’s really certain we’ve got two little girls and now that I know better what to look for, I have to say it definitely looks like two little girls.  Big anatomy scan coming up on 12/8, where they’ll do lots of measurements and whatnot. 

If I were overweight, I’d have a really nice baby bump by now, which is kind of exciting.  Unfortunately, I just look fat to everyone else.  I’m not feeling the babies move (well, not a lot…I think I feel things every few days, but that’s it).  Sleep’s becoming…fun, b/c the the carpal tunnel’s acting up AND I have an additional guest in bed with me these days.  Yup, the shrimp has taken up nightly residence with me and the past few days have seen our pretty husky, Mika, hopping into the room as well.

Writing Life
I have written a whopping 3,000 new words or so at most, none of which will probably ever see the light of day in the past two months.  This is good, yet not good, since I’m not supposed to be doing fiction right now.  I have no viable plots.  Well, I do have one that isn’t bad, but I’m missing the “other” plot (since I usually have two interwoven plots). 

I still haven’t heard back on the couple of e-pub submissions I made, which some would say could be a good thing.  One of them, I heard back from on Rage within 5 weeks (rejection), so I’m thinking since they’ve had Dreams longer it could be a hopeful sign.  The other I’ve never submitted to before so I don’t know what their turn-around time actually is (both companies state 12-16 weeks).

Also still waiting on the handful of agent fulls floating out there.  Hopefully something pops, but if not I shall keep writing and perfecting the craft, though I will probably set aside the Blood Wars Saga (the vamp storylines) and work on one of the other races available so I can keep my same alternate reality.  I think it’s a good one, it’s just going to be a matter of finding the right agent/editor/publisher with the right work at the right time (pretty much same as any other author).

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!


Baby Gender and More

As I mentioned in my last post, I had an ultrasound this past week and I was able to talk the tech into going specifically to search for genders.  She poked around a little, hemmed and hawwed.  And came up with…

´╗┐Granted, this isn’t a 100% certainty, but she was pretty sure what she saw was girl parts.  Lord knows I was looking hard and I didn’t see any, er, flagpoles waving.  Granted, assuming the tech is right, this doesn’t change anything in how I decorate the baby’s rooms because I was going gender-neutral anyway for something in greens and/or yellows.  There’s a cute line from Babys R Us which is Winnie the Pooh and still green.
Daddy, of course, is over the moon and has been oogling baby girl clothes ever since.  Some pretty cute stuff out there.  But I cracked first.  I was at the store today and saw some baby clothes on sale for only $2.00.  Got this fuschia onesie that says “Little Princess” underneath a tiara and a purple onesie that says “What happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s”.  They keep getting called his little princesses.  Oy vey, I can soooo see them growing up as Daddy’s little girls.
Well, at least I’ll get to see the hubby over Christmas.  Come heck or high water, we’re getting a plane ticket for him to fly out for the holiday (come in on Wednesday red-eye and leave Sunday afternoonish).  We’re all psyched and can’t wait.  I’ll probably have a nice little baby belly by then.  Maybe, just maybe, the kicks will be hard enough for him to feel.
It’s cute.  He went to the bookstore today and read a pregnancy book.  A little startling when he started asking about Kegel exercises (partially ’cause I had to go look up what exactly they were), but very exciting with how into this pregnancy he’s been.  I love my husband.  Christmas is gonna be AWESOME!

Life and Contests

ContestsLast week I boldly declared I was done with contests.  And perhaps I am as far as it goes with writing contests.  Now blog/Facebook/random drawing contests…not so much.  I’ve been having some great luck this year entering a variety of non-writing contests. 

On Facebook today, I actually was the random winner from a Carina Press contest – the prize is one digital download from CP.  Pretty cool, as I can think of several I might like to try out.  Last Friday The Knight Agency had a random trivia question and the first poster got a copy of Lords of Passion (written by one of their authors, Kate Pearce along with two others).  I got the ticket to RomCon of course and subsequently got pulled in the drawings for the intimate chats with Christine Feehan and Elizabeth Hoyt.  Yes, overall, random contests have been my friend this year.

As you can see by the sidebar, I’m 16 weeks and a couple of days along.  I have an OB visit tomorrow where they’ll do some bloodwork, etc., including a cervix check.  It’s standard of care for my OB’s chain to check that every 2 weeks from week 16 through 32 for people carrying twins.  I’m changing offices to a different one in the chain because of how the new office bills (long story there).  With any luck, they’ll be nice enough to try for pictures of the Shrimpettes and (with even FURTHER luck) perhaps the little darlings will be polite enough to give us a peek at their nether regions and give us a clue whether I’ve got girls, boys, or one of each.  I’m still hoping for one of each.

I love the end results of pregnancy.  I despise being pregnant – the constant worrying about whether they’re healthy, whether I’m going to be able to CARRY them to term, etc.  It’s all in God’s hands, I know, but still, it’s a big question.  It’s pretty awesome (the towering responsibility) thinking that there are these two little people squirming around in my tummy and (okay, here’s the egotist/drama-queen side of me) I’m all that stands between them and the Abyss.  I just hope they don’t grow up hating that they have me as a mother.

The Boy
I haven’t talked about my boy in a long time.  He was absolutely adorable as Iron Man for Halloween, I have to admit.  I’ve said he can sleep with me on the weekends while Daddy’s in Florida, but last weekend that didn’t realy work out so well.  Last night (this morning?) around 2a, he climbed into bed and, given it was 2am, I just didn’t have the energy or drive to actually get up and put him in his own bed.  I don’t think he slept very well after that.  I know both times I went to the bathroom after that point, he sat right up as if to silently ask, “Is it time to get up now?”

He misses his daddy.  I miss his daddy, and my best friend, too.  My heart goes out to all those military wives, once again, who do this on a regular basis by themselves.

Survived the First Week!

That’s pretty darned awesome.  I made it through my first week without the husband.  I think I can do this.  Getting a whole new respect (though I already thought very highly of them anyway) for military wives (or husbands) who see their spouses off for months (or years) at a time.  Unfortunately, I think I’ve got the better end of the deal.  My poor hubby’s chosen roommate is not all we could hope for.  He’s miserable, and alone.  At least I have the Shrimp to make me laugh (and pull my hair out, for that matter).

I may have to break down and do some writing this weekend, both on a paper that I absolutely have to get done (though I have no interest in it whatsoever) and a scene or two that are really starting to prod at me.  Doesn’t help that four of my vamps popped into my dreams last night.  Amusing little dream, really.  There they were, Dara, Anthony, Chris and Jordan.  Jordan was trying to steal a nuclear warhead (don’t ask me why – he didn’t explain).  Dara and Anthony had the codes for it and were taunting him that he wouldn’t be able to steal it.  He was trying to hack into it while Chris was watching and periodically casting a spell or two to disrupt Jordan’s efforts.  To say the least, he was..displeased.  And that’s about it.  I don’t know WHY they weren’t like reporting him or something, but there ya have it.

If there’s any vamp in my world I feel sorry for, it really is poor Marcelo.  While he’s a (generally) good man (incubus/vampire, choose your word for him), he just never really…emerged as an alpha hero.  He’s a hero, but definitely, beyond all doubts, a beta.  It works for him (and Blood Dreams), but he’ll never have the same special place in my heart as the other heroes from my stories do. 

Hopefully everyone has great weekend plans.  Mine involve grocery shopping, a trip to the library and laundry.  Um, yay.  And resting.  Lots of resting as possible with the boy bouncing around.  Tell me what’s on the agenda, let me be jealous! ­čÖé  Have fun!

Wednesday Randomness

Being without the husband sure does give one a lot of time to sit around and think about stuff.  Not only do I have all the time I’d normally be spending time with him, but I’m dealing with insomnia too!  Er…not so yay-ish.

Still going strong, more or less.  Had a few rough days with some massive heart flutters.  However, knock on wood, they seem to be lessening today as compared to the past several.  Tummy’s certainly firming up and filling out, though despite what my husband and d/c provider say, I don’t think I’m really showing yet.  Might be feeling a poke upon occasion, but I can’t be certain about that.  It’s a bit early still.  I have my 16 week ultrasound next week, though it’s primarily meant to kick off the bi-weekly checks they’re going to be running on me.

I have to say…I dislike being pregnant.  At least the end results are worth it.  Someone, mark down my request for a shot or two of rum after giving birth?  Please?

Heard back yesterday on the only contest I’ve entered with Dreams.  I knew I hadn’t finaled (when do I ever?), but ouch.  I got my usual high/low split, but for variety this time I only had 1 high score (97) and two low (65/53).  The comments I got back have pretty much finished me for contests.  I get the absolute subjectivity when it comes to reading, but really…one person LOVES and seems think the plot’s very original, another thinks it’s lacking in originality. 

The one detracting originality seems to think that it’s too much along the lines of Laurell K. Hamilton.  I’m going to guess it’s because I have a male character who’s French.  Thus I obviously must be imitating Jean-Claude, or whatever the master vampire’s name is.  Or at least that’s how I ended up interpreting that comment.  Believe me, the LAST thing I would do is imitate ANYthing about Jean-Claude.  He’s probably one of my least favorite LKH things, in no small part b/c he feels the need to say ma petite in almost every single sentence. 

Blood Rage
Well, of all the weirdness, I got a full request just yesterday from an agent on my long-since-called-dead Rage MS.  My original query got lost in a spam box and when I followed up on it just recently, it led to her unburying it and taking a look at the first two chapters.  Less than a day later (after I resent the chapters as discussed – long story there), I got the email.  I gotta say, that’s the way to make MY day.

So – do any of the writers out there either (A) feel frustrated with just how subjective contest judging is or (B) gotten a request from an MS you long ago put in the metaphorical drawer as a relatively lost cause?