One day down, who knows how many more to go?

Well, I survived my first full day without the husband.  Last phone call from him placed him in Illinois, and he plans to stop tonight in Pikeville, TN to see his parents and finish the last of the trip tomorrow, making it to Jacksonville by late afternoon. 

Amazingly, the boy is still in one piece.  Getting him to sleep last night was a nightmare though.  Tried him first in our bed…he was too scared to sleep in our room.  Then HIS room was too scary, so I let our husky sleep with him.  That worked, until he decided his backside hurt from pooping.  Finally, he went to sleep around 10.  Then I get this weepy visit (just as I fell asleep) around midnight, saying his butt still hurts (quite cute, really).  I promise to get him prune juice in the morning, he curls up next to me in bed, and conks out.  Thankfully, he slept until 7:30.  It could have been worse.

I’m making a pumpkin pie for the boy (okay and me too), along with rarebit for dinner tonight.  Still all about the comfort foods.  Dunno how well it’ll turn out.  I haven’t made it in years, and the shrimp’s never had it at all.  Heart’s been flipping out almost non-stop for two days now, which is starting to scare me just a little.  I’m hoping it’s just stress and will calm down after I adjust to life sans my husband.  If not…this is going to be a ROUGH second and third trimester.  I know I feel better today than I did yesterday.

Well, the one contest I’ve entered with Dreams (probably the only one I will enter) posted results today.  Unsurprisingly, I did not final.  The first chapter’s been tweaked a lot since then, but I think there must just be a fundamental problem with it (and my writing in general).  Guess I’ll (hopefully) get a lil’ feedback so see where the problems are when I get my score sheets.  Not getting any nibbles from the queries either.  So, it’s probably good writing’s (more or less) on a hiatus.  Not that I’m getting any schoolwork done either though…Must…snap…back!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween.  Shall post pics of the boy as Ironman tomorrow!



  1. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. Try to stay calm about the move and your husband being gone for so lone. Is he coming back at all, or will you be joining him. Being alone and pregnant can be scary. I always worry about my DH when he travels, it hard not to. Keep up the faith, you're doing great!


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