Status Update (life, pregnancy, writing)

Well, I have to say the past week or so has been a whirlwind of activity.  My husband finally got the call that he’s been waiting for for a year: he’s being hired by Hewlett-Packard (first as a contractor, with intent to pick him up after about 6 months), and due to start November 1.  This is great news since he’s wanted to work for HP since he was 14.  However, the job requires he relocate to Jacksonville.  Not so great news since it means we’ll be split for a long time.

He got the email about the hiring last week, so the past week has been a major scramble.  We had to get our boy back in daycare.  Our original daycare is full, so we scrambled but I think we’ve got a great match with a licensed in-home daycare provider.  He starts on Monday, though I’ll drop him off for an hour on Friday so he can get to know the other kids ahead of time.  We had to find a place for him to live, which we think we’ve succeeded in.  We’ve found a potential place.  He’ll meet with her Sunday night and if the meeting goes well, he’ll move in Monday.  If not…well, I’ll just think positively and say it will go well.

I have nothing but admiration and respect for military wives and single mothers, but I have to say I am NOT looking forward to going through the next however long without him.  He’s taking the good car (the one with a reliable heater) and whatever he can fit in there.  I’m left in the snow state (Colorado), with an unreliably heated car, our little boy, the dog and cat…and pregnant.  YARGH!  This should be, um, interesting.

As you can see by the ticker to the right, I am now officially in my second trimester.  Thank heavens!  The morning sickness that plagued me throughout has eased (now I usually have only one bout…most days, if that).  The extreme exhaustion has eased.  The bathroom trips in the middle of the night – not so much.  But I better get used to them.

Had an ultrasound last week.  They’re growing, but refused to cooperate and flip over so the doctors could do the scan they needed to do (checking some fluid at the back of their necks for markers regarding Downs Syndrome and a host of other stuff).  So we’ll have to do other testing here in a few weeks.  I was very pleased with my fluid consumption (67.6 oz water + a diet decaf coke & maybe a diet dew).  The nurse was not so thrilled.  She says I need to be getting upwards of 96 oz water/day.  Now I ask you – where exactly am I supposed to put food when the Shrimpettes are a bit bigger?  I get the need to stay hydrated, but really?! 

I’m trying to do everything I can to give my lil’ passengers a healthy start, but I’m feeling overwhelmed.  I’m either starving or not interested in food.  I’ve barely gained any weight thus far (thanks to m/s), and the doctor/nurses are saying it’s better to put a good part of it on NOW when I’ve got the room to eat, as opposed to later when the babies take up so much space, and now they want me to drink ever MORE water.  I try to drink the water as early as possible to minize middle-of-the-night bathroom trips, but I STILL end up getting up 2-3 times/night.  I just don’t get where all this stuff (food + gallons [it feels like] of water) is supposed to fit, esp. once the three of us hit the third trimester.

Okay, rant for now over. 🙂

Well, despite my best attemp/intentions, ideas are definitely starting to develop for my next WIP.  And yes, it will (most likely) be about gargoyles and the mage-born.  Certainly started developing the backstory on how the gargoyles got to where they are from their origins, along with casting some of the mage-born families in a not-so-positive light.  I think I have my connection to Ares (just to keep it all swimming merrily along in the Blood Wars arc).  I’ve even got a tentative cameo role for my favorite lil’ sociopath, Jordan.  Just a cameo, since this book is NOT about the vampires.

Just a little taste of what I’ve got in mind, here are the primary players for the, as yet, untitled book.

Jessie (last name undetermined): The clan’s “human” member, though like all the “human” gargoyles, she is a magic-user (Earth and Air).  In each generation, each clan of gargoyles (thanks to that lovely curse that shifts them human in day and gargoyle at night) has one hatchling that comes out full-out human.  I have a tentative justification for this, but I won’t air it here.  Her particular clan has an ongoing agreement with a prominent North American mage-born family (most of whom are unaware the gargoyles even exist) to intermingle the bloodlines of the “human” gargoyle with the mage-born, because gargoyle blood strengthens the inherent mage-born power in any offspring.  She objected to being married off and fled her clan to make her own life.

Christian DuBois: Son of Maurice Dubois, brother of Ronnie Mansfield (from Rage and Dreams).  He’s the heir-apparent to Maurice, who holds the leadership of the North American Council of Mages.  Thus far, he’s been a sore disappointment to Maurice (a powerful elementalist), because Christian’s powers lie in telekenesis with minor strength in air elemental magic.  Instead of joining the Bureau or moving into the mage-born hierarchy as Maurice would have him, Christian went to law school and has his own practice, specializing in non-human needs/rights.  He is a tinkerer in his spare time and, rather than be boring and stereotypical, he uses an enchanted hockey stick (his own design) rather than a broom (very few mage-born or anyone else like this style of travel – he does it because it’s fun) or car to get around most of the time.

Given I do para-rom, obviously Jessie & Christian will get together, after I torture them for a few hundred pages.  I’ve got a few minor characters already starting to populate, but right now I’d still like them all to stay quiet.  It’s not working and I’m starting to itch to write something.  Even if it’s just a scene or two.  Unfortunately, writing ends up being like eating Pringles: I can’t stop after just one chip (scene).

Have a great week/week-end everyone.


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