Baseball, Pregnancy…and Gargoyles?

First off: when will the Twins gain an immunity to their October Kryptonite (i.e. NY Sk…er…Bronx Ba…er, Bombers)?  Really, to get swept (again) is just absolutely ridiculous!  ERGH!  Second, I’m psyched about the Rays forcing Game 5 after being down 2 games when they traveled to Texas.  Third – GO BRAVES (they’re currently playing).

Well, I had my attempt at the genetic testing that the high risk people do on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, per the doctor, not only do the twins have to be higher up, but they BOTH need to be in the right position at the same time (more or less) to get a look at the nuchal transparency (something about fluid or tissue behind the neck).  So, I get to go back in a couple of weeks to try again (at 13w2d).  The nice thing is right on the heels of that (at 15-16 weeks) I get the big anatomy scan which is when (hopefully) they’ll be able to tell me the genders.  They didn’t gripe too much about my (lack of) weight gain, just pressed again that it’s important to gain it (at least some of it) in the early portion because, with twins, it’s going to get hard to eat as the Shrimpettes get bigger and take up more room.

I got to meet the lovely Joelle Charbonneau this week when she came to the Denver area for a book signing.  She’s been an absolutely FABULOUS mentor-type person since I contacted her after she judged Blood Rage in a contest much earlier this year.  Check out her website by clicking here, or check out her book on by clicking here.  She’s as nice in-person as she is through email and I owe her tons for all her help on my synopsis, log-line, and query for Blood Dreams.  Again – Joelle is awesome!

Finally, the third topic listed on the entry title: Gargoyles.  How do I come up with Gargoyles?  I’m thinking, since I’m not seeming (thus far) to have much luck with my vampire books and garnering agent attention, to switch to another of the non-human races.  I can keep my basic world that I’ve established in Rage and Dreams, yet come up with an angle I haven’t heard too much about in books that are currently out there. 

When I mentioned it to my other half, his first words were, “You’re not going to base them off Gargoyles, are you,” meaning the Disney Afternoon series I loved (and still adore).  While the lovely Det. Maza and Goliath are certainly an inspiration, no.  No connection/copying/stealing from Gargoyles: the Series.  I’ve been hearing a lot from agents and publishers and editors that they’re sick of all the vampires and were-creatures that are in the pipeline/already out.  So…why not stick with paranormal, but just try a less popular breed?  So, after I write my capstone (ugh), I’m going to give it a shot.  Still haven’t given up on Blood Dreams, but better to move on.  As Joelle said, I’m not killing off my stories, I’m acquiring inventory!  Or so the hope goes.

What about you?  What sort of WIPs to you all have in the pipeline?



  1. Vampires are out and Zombies are in… okay so maybe not Zombies, but certainly not Vampires. That's what happens, editors and publishers love the next best thing but it's more or less the same thing but revamped! I'm one who works in different worlds, fairies, wizards, the in-between. Paranormal but with a bang!I'm a new follower! I adore your blog and I look forward to stopping by again!


  2. Well thank you for saying hi and welcome! While you've already got a whole lot of followers, I've joined up and followed you too. :)I'm hearing mixed things from editors, agents and book sellers re the vampire thing. But, I refuse to 'write to the market' as it were. I write what I like and see what happens, ya know? But I really like the gargoyle thing at the moment. We shall see! Keep up the writing!


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