Querying and Life

Wow – it’s been more than two weeks since my last post.  So sorry about that, but I’ve been sort of…out of it.

Querying – not going so well.  Only the one previously mentioned request for the full (I should hear in the next couple days or so, based on the agent’s blog about her intentions for those she requested from).  Yesterday I had a major bad boo-boo.  I tweak my queries but usually start with an email I sent to another agent.  I’m VERY careful.  Usually.  I sent 3 queries.  I realized after the first two that while I’d certainly changed all references to the agent to be correct (commenting on submission requirements, name, etc.)…I hadn’t taken off the attachment that I’d sent along to another agent.  Ugh.  And naturally, those two were agents I was really interested in.  I resent, and apologized, but the damage is done and will probably result (at best) with auto-rejects.  At least the third went out clean.

On a happier note, I saw a cardiologist here in Denver on Friday and he too has not ruled out the possibility of a natural birth rather than C-Section.  Given my very successful pregnancy the first time around, he’s more concerned about my weight (for normal weight reasons, rather than heart reasons) than my heart giving problems during the pregnancy.  So…yay on that!  Still got my fingers crossed, though he’s doing an echo and getting my pacer checked next week.  Blech.

Next OB appointment is tomorrow and they’ll be doing some sort of genetic screening that apparently they do on mothers of multiples.  I’ll get to reassure myself that they’re both still in there and doing okay.  And, with any lucky, the Shrimpettes will have caught up to where they’re supposed to be and my due date will get moved back to April 19, rather than April 25.

The only thing about tomorrow I’m not looking forward to is stepping on the scale and NOT for the normal reasons.  I’ve been told to not maintain, much less lose weight, during this pregnancy and, per my lovely visit to the cardiologist last week, I know I’m down about 3 pounds.  Stupid stomach bug got me last week.  I still have limited appetite, I’m getting heart burn every time I eat now, and in general it stinks.  However, I did enjoy my carrot cake (made from scratch, fabulous flavor) that I made for my birthday on Saturday with absolutely no guilt about possibly gaining TOO much weight.  Heh.

And tonight, after work, I go maternity clothes shopping.  I can’t put it off any longer.  I think the twins have shifted because it’s now getting harden to fasten my pants and certainly doesn’t feel good sitting all day with my pants buttoned.  Ergh.  I was in my sixth month before I had to get my sole pair of pants & single bigger shirt that I got with my boy.  This…should be interesting, to see how pregnant I look by the end.

Have a great day!



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