Let the Good Times Roll

Well, here we go.  I have officially started querying on Blood Dreams, as of this afternoon.  I sent a couple of tentative queries a week or two ago.  One got a form reject, the other got a full request.  Not letting myself get too excited about the full request because, based on statistics on QueryTracker, this particular agent was requesting a LOT of fulls at the same time.  I haven’t yet sent it b/c I’m checking and double-checking my submission for typos/issues.  On the other hand, I’m still giggling a little over the rejection because the agent who rejected still has Blood Rage under consideration, so I’m trying to imagine the conversation if, by some miracle, she did offer representation on Blood Rage, and I told her she’d already rejected my next work.

But this morning/afternoon I sent out my first four queries, two with sample pages and two with none.  Very harrowing process, but at least this is movement in the right direction. 

Golden Heart opens tomorrow and I need to whip my synopsis into shape and get things lined up so I can submit Dreams for it.  If I’m feeling brave enough to do so.

And now onto my other topic of serious glee these days: the Shrimpettes.  The morning sickness is finally beginning to fade although I still have issues from day to day.  Last night, my husband said, “I was freaked out originally about the twins, but now I’m getting really excited too.”

Yeah, I hear the excitement, but I’m still pretty freaked about it.  Trying to figure out how we’re going to financially manage.  It’s already clear we cannot afford for me to stay at home, no matter how much part of me wants to with these ones.  Then again, I’m pretty sure within two weeks (just like with the Shrimp), I’d be champing at the bit to go back to work.  I’m just not psychologically set up to be a stay-at-home-mom.  Those are truly special ladies and I give a big hat’s off to all of those who can do it.

I’ll get more pictures here in a couple of weeks when I go in for my next round of checks at the high risk place.  I got referred to a cardiologist for a maternal evaluation.  What excites me about this whole process is that the high risk people are really into the idea of natural birth even if a woman’s had a C-section previously (VBAC for those who know the term).  I have to get the OK from the cardiologist AND the scar from my prior birthing has to be placed right, but otherwise, unless the Shrimpettes’ placement when it comes time dictates otherwise, they’re letting me consider a natural birth.

Have a great day!


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