I Need a Nap

Several of them, it seems.  Before this new adventure came to me (see prior post), I rarely took naps at any time.  Now, almost every day, I want to collapse for an hour or two.  Yesterday, when my shrimp went down for his quiet time, so did I.  He stayed down (reportedly) for about two hours.  I was out for the count for three and a half.

Hopefully this will all even out once I get past the first trimester, at least for a couple of months.  Supposedly, the second trimester’s the fun one.  Since my first go-round at pregnancy was almost flawless throughout (no morning sickness, one craving, etc), this is all new to me.  Add in twins, and I’m adrift.

Speaking of adrift, I’ve had to up my daily liquid intake and so help me, I swear like my tonsils are about to start floating.

There is a lot of information out there about pregnancy, singleton and multiples.  I read an entire book on multiple pregnancies on Saturday when my beloved hubby sent me to the bookstore for a couple of hours of relaxation/me time.  Kinda scary, but it also had some positive messages (people who stuck with the clinic which wrote the book were delivering multiples that, on average, weighed 30% more than the average multiple born who didn’t follow their program).

I get to meet a Nurse Practitioner on Wednesday morning with the High-Risk OB’s office.  I’m hoping for another ultrasound since I barely got to peek at the Shrimpettes (their official nicknames until I know what they are) the other day.  Yeah, greedy of me since in eras past women didn’t get to see their babies at ALL until the birth, but…c’mon.  I want to see them, maybe make out some little details this time.  And, of course, to confirm 1) that there are two of them, and 2) that there are ONLY two of them.  The picture’s impossible to misread (two black splotches), but you never know if there might be a third one wandering around that got missed with the haste of my prior OB.

Have a great day!


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