Wow, what a week

Well, I wish I could say this was a writing-related post, wherein I announced I’d gotten a fantabulous offer of representation…but no.  Can’t do that.

For those few of you who ‘don’t’ follow me on either Twitter or FB, I’m pregnant.  This become public knowledge yesterday with my 500th Tweet, wherein I announced not only was I pregnant, I was pregnant with fraternal twins.  I found out yesterday when I had my OB appointment.  Per the ultrasound, the babies (can’t believe I actually get to use the plural form of that word) are right at the 7 weeks, 3 days size, so all three of us are doing fine!  Three.  I’m having twins.  Does anyone get the idea I’m still in shock?

The funny part (funny haha and funny weird) of all of this is my husband and I were joking about twins since before I got pregnant and since I got pregnant, I hadn’t been able to let go of the idea.  On the way to the OB’s office, I was telling myself I needed to let go of the idea, I’d find out there was only one in just a few minutes.

Well, I did NOT get that news.  The doctor first congratulated me on being very efficient (we only started trying back in July to get pregnant).  Then, as she and I saw the two spots on the ultrasound screen at the same time, she again commented on my efficiency in having babies.  Wowser.  Yeah, it took us 3 months last time and less than two this time.

The scary part of this is I was already classified as a high-risk pregnancy (heart issues when I was a baby).  My OB handles high risk, but with the announcement of twins, she dropped me like a hot potato and referred me over to the real high risk people.  This should be…an experience.

Thankfully I’ve got a wonderful circle of friends and family.  My BFF (lord, I can’t believe I’m using that abbreviation) had twins so at least someone I know’s been through this, at least some of it.  I love you TA!  Scared, but excited now.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Congratulations! There's a bunch of cliche' phrases I could say about twins (double your pleasure!) but I will (painfully) refrain. With your high risk status, just relax, take care of yourself, etc. Also, make sure you have a good laptop so you can write more often from bed or a recliner. You are soooo fortunate to have a close friend who's already gone through it. How exciting! And again, congrats! 🙂


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