Continuing issues

I broke through the one block I was having, even managing to finally show some emotional attachment growing between the two (or so I think anyay).  Unfortunately, because that chapter was entirely new/different, the final dream Chris has no longer fits b/c it featured events from the now-gone chapter.  Nor was the villain watching the events of the new chapter.

Not sure what I’m going to do about this, or how to fix the dream.  It needs be done.  I really wanted to be done after this weekend/week so I could polish and get out querying in the relatively near future.  Now…who knows?



  1. Hey, as much as I despise outlines, I think your situation calls for one. You need to re-write your story without actually re-writing your story. Map out on the outline what needs to happen in each chapter, and mark off the chapters as you change them. And instead of deleting, I would strongly suggest cutting and pasting the cut scenes into a different word doc in case you want them back later. Hope this helps!


  2. Thanks for the thoughts. I have my "excess" files for each draft where I dump stuff I tried and failed. This draft I've only had a couple of scenes that got shifted there. Draft One, on the other hand…significantly longer, including several false starts. Heh.As to the idea of an outline…uh, no. I've tried those. With one notable exception, which I ended up veering wildly off of in the last 1/3 of the book anyway, they've always been useless to me. I know what needs to be done. It's just not clicking with the characters interacting properly yet. This too will come. I have faith, such as it is.


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