Stuck in Revisions

Everything has gone well for almost two weeks now.  I was almost 75k through the 95k expected final length, but when I moved into the next chapter, everything screeched to a halt.  I had Chris & Marcelo on a beach, but the conversation they had there in Draft One no longer fits the situation.  Talked with a CP, who read the chapter leading into it, the original scene and the little I mucked together, and she suggested maybe I just have them talk about their relationship.

Ummm…talk about their relationship?!  Both are afraid of mentioning the word, convinced it’s going to scare the other one off, and I think I know when they have their final “I love you moment” it’s going to flow better than it did the first time around b/c I am working more of the emotional stuff in this time.  But, I though I tried during lunch to sit down and write the scene of them talking about their lives…it just doesn’t fit.  I can’t see Chris just plopped down chillaxing and talking about her feelings.  Marcelo – yeah.  He’s not a problem to do that b/c he has no problems with being in love.  Chris, on the other hand, yeah right.

On the drive home, I got to thinking about it and I realized that the problem with the chapter I was stuck on was it didn’t fit how the relationship developed between them this time around.  The crowing point of the chapter was an angry bout of…um…well, anyway, it doesn’t work any more, not any of that chapter.  So I think I’m going to take a different approach (my third today) for getting that chapter done. 

Having skimmed ahead the past couple of days, I can see a lot of work needs to be done.  I didn’t mess with the last few chapters at all, just blasted them out and put them aside.  I’ve got a better developed third plot this time around, and it needs resolution of some sort.  Marcelo/Chris have developed their emotional sides a little bit better.  And then there’s Ares.  And the stunt he pulls at the end.  I think the ending’s going to be different than I thought.

I’m out!  Rookie Blue Night!


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