A Story From My Shrimp

Typist’s note:  Very little of the following story is my own invention, just a few things here and there to clean it up.  Shrimp, DH and I were out walking and suddenly, the shrimp announces he wants to tell us a vampire story.  Didn’t think anything of it, b/c he’ll do this, but usually it’s like 4 lines long and makes no sense.  This time…keep in mind he’s 4, so (and this may just be proud mommy syndrome) I’m very pleased with his efforts.  On to the story!

Once upon a time, there was a bad vampire.  The people yelled out for Ironman to come and save them.  Ironman came and used his powers against the vampire.  The vampire used his powers on Ironman.  Then they took a rest.  Typist note:  Yes, just out of the blue, they rested.  DH & I nearly fell over laughing.

Then they started fighting again.  And Ironman killed the bad vampire.  The vampire got back up and started fighting Ironman again.  Typist note: Just like Buffy says: vampires always come back.  Guess he learned this lesson early.

The vampire died.  And then two more vampires came along.  And they fought with Ironman.  And a third one came.  Ironman killed all three of the bad vampires.  And now’s when it gets weird.  Then Caillou came along and asked Ironman to save him from the BIGGEST vampire.  The biggest vampire’s special power is that he’s big.  Ironman kills the biggest vampire.  And he helps Caillou up the beanstalk to his the big castle in the clouds where there is a giant.

Everyone was happy with the vampires dead.  They lived happily every after.

And that’s the best I can remember.  Still, I was pleased with the effort.  Although I do have to wonder if maaaaybe I talk about vampires and incubuses a little too much, if he’s picking up on it.  However, in my defense, there are vampires mentioned on a regular basis on the shrimp’s favorite show, Max and Ruby.

Good night.


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