Let the Good Times Roll

Well, here we go.  I have officially started querying on Blood Dreams, as of this afternoon.  I sent a couple of tentative queries a week or two ago.  One got a form reject, the other got a full request.  Not letting myself get too excited about the full request because, based on statistics on QueryTracker, this particular agent was requesting a LOT of fulls at the same time.  I haven’t yet sent it b/c I’m checking and double-checking my submission for typos/issues.  On the other hand, I’m still giggling a little over the rejection because the agent who rejected still has Blood Rage under consideration, so I’m trying to imagine the conversation if, by some miracle, she did offer representation on Blood Rage, and I told her she’d already rejected my next work.

But this morning/afternoon I sent out my first four queries, two with sample pages and two with none.  Very harrowing process, but at least this is movement in the right direction. 

Golden Heart opens tomorrow and I need to whip my synopsis into shape and get things lined up so I can submit Dreams for it.  If I’m feeling brave enough to do so.

And now onto my other topic of serious glee these days: the Shrimpettes.  The morning sickness is finally beginning to fade although I still have issues from day to day.  Last night, my husband said, “I was freaked out originally about the twins, but now I’m getting really excited too.”

Yeah, I hear the excitement, but I’m still pretty freaked about it.  Trying to figure out how we’re going to financially manage.  It’s already clear we cannot afford for me to stay at home, no matter how much part of me wants to with these ones.  Then again, I’m pretty sure within two weeks (just like with the Shrimp), I’d be champing at the bit to go back to work.  I’m just not psychologically set up to be a stay-at-home-mom.  Those are truly special ladies and I give a big hat’s off to all of those who can do it.

I’ll get more pictures here in a couple of weeks when I go in for my next round of checks at the high risk place.  I got referred to a cardiologist for a maternal evaluation.  What excites me about this whole process is that the high risk people are really into the idea of natural birth even if a woman’s had a C-section previously (VBAC for those who know the term).  I have to get the OK from the cardiologist AND the scar from my prior birthing has to be placed right, but otherwise, unless the Shrimpettes’ placement when it comes time dictates otherwise, they’re letting me consider a natural birth.

Have a great day!


I Need a Nap

Several of them, it seems.  Before this new adventure came to me (see prior post), I rarely took naps at any time.  Now, almost every day, I want to collapse for an hour or two.  Yesterday, when my shrimp went down for his quiet time, so did I.  He stayed down (reportedly) for about two hours.  I was out for the count for three and a half.

Hopefully this will all even out once I get past the first trimester, at least for a couple of months.  Supposedly, the second trimester’s the fun one.  Since my first go-round at pregnancy was almost flawless throughout (no morning sickness, one craving, etc), this is all new to me.  Add in twins, and I’m adrift.

Speaking of adrift, I’ve had to up my daily liquid intake and so help me, I swear like my tonsils are about to start floating.

There is a lot of information out there about pregnancy, singleton and multiples.  I read an entire book on multiple pregnancies on Saturday when my beloved hubby sent me to the bookstore for a couple of hours of relaxation/me time.  Kinda scary, but it also had some positive messages (people who stuck with the clinic which wrote the book were delivering multiples that, on average, weighed 30% more than the average multiple born who didn’t follow their program).

I get to meet a Nurse Practitioner on Wednesday morning with the High-Risk OB’s office.  I’m hoping for another ultrasound since I barely got to peek at the Shrimpettes (their official nicknames until I know what they are) the other day.  Yeah, greedy of me since in eras past women didn’t get to see their babies at ALL until the birth, but…c’mon.  I want to see them, maybe make out some little details this time.  And, of course, to confirm 1) that there are two of them, and 2) that there are ONLY two of them.  The picture’s impossible to misread (two black splotches), but you never know if there might be a third one wandering around that got missed with the haste of my prior OB.

Have a great day!

Wow, what a week

Well, I wish I could say this was a writing-related post, wherein I announced I’d gotten a fantabulous offer of representation…but no.  Can’t do that.

For those few of you who ‘don’t’ follow me on either Twitter or FB, I’m pregnant.  This become public knowledge yesterday with my 500th Tweet, wherein I announced not only was I pregnant, I was pregnant with fraternal twins.  I found out yesterday when I had my OB appointment.  Per the ultrasound, the babies (can’t believe I actually get to use the plural form of that word) are right at the 7 weeks, 3 days size, so all three of us are doing fine!  Three.  I’m having twins.  Does anyone get the idea I’m still in shock?

The funny part (funny haha and funny weird) of all of this is my husband and I were joking about twins since before I got pregnant and since I got pregnant, I hadn’t been able to let go of the idea.  On the way to the OB’s office, I was telling myself I needed to let go of the idea, I’d find out there was only one in just a few minutes.

Well, I did NOT get that news.  The doctor first congratulated me on being very efficient (we only started trying back in July to get pregnant).  Then, as she and I saw the two spots on the ultrasound screen at the same time, she again commented on my efficiency in having babies.  Wowser.  Yeah, it took us 3 months last time and less than two this time.

The scary part of this is I was already classified as a high-risk pregnancy (heart issues when I was a baby).  My OB handles high risk, but with the announcement of twins, she dropped me like a hot potato and referred me over to the real high risk people.  This should be…an experience.

Thankfully I’ve got a wonderful circle of friends and family.  My BFF (lord, I can’t believe I’m using that abbreviation) had twins so at least someone I know’s been through this, at least some of it.  I love you TA!  Scared, but excited now.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Continuing issues

I broke through the one block I was having, even managing to finally show some emotional attachment growing between the two (or so I think anyay).  Unfortunately, because that chapter was entirely new/different, the final dream Chris has no longer fits b/c it featured events from the now-gone chapter.  Nor was the villain watching the events of the new chapter.

Not sure what I’m going to do about this, or how to fix the dream.  It needs be done.  I really wanted to be done after this weekend/week so I could polish and get out querying in the relatively near future.  Now…who knows?

Stuck in Revisions

Everything has gone well for almost two weeks now.  I was almost 75k through the 95k expected final length, but when I moved into the next chapter, everything screeched to a halt.  I had Chris & Marcelo on a beach, but the conversation they had there in Draft One no longer fits the situation.  Talked with a CP, who read the chapter leading into it, the original scene and the little I mucked together, and she suggested maybe I just have them talk about their relationship.

Ummm…talk about their relationship?!  Both are afraid of mentioning the word, convinced it’s going to scare the other one off, and I think I know when they have their final “I love you moment” it’s going to flow better than it did the first time around b/c I am working more of the emotional stuff in this time.  But, I though I tried during lunch to sit down and write the scene of them talking about their lives…it just doesn’t fit.  I can’t see Chris just plopped down chillaxing and talking about her feelings.  Marcelo – yeah.  He’s not a problem to do that b/c he has no problems with being in love.  Chris, on the other hand, yeah right.

On the drive home, I got to thinking about it and I realized that the problem with the chapter I was stuck on was it didn’t fit how the relationship developed between them this time around.  The crowing point of the chapter was an angry bout of…um…well, anyway, it doesn’t work any more, not any of that chapter.  So I think I’m going to take a different approach (my third today) for getting that chapter done. 

Having skimmed ahead the past couple of days, I can see a lot of work needs to be done.  I didn’t mess with the last few chapters at all, just blasted them out and put them aside.  I’ve got a better developed third plot this time around, and it needs resolution of some sort.  Marcelo/Chris have developed their emotional sides a little bit better.  And then there’s Ares.  And the stunt he pulls at the end.  I think the ending’s going to be different than I thought.

I’m out!  Rookie Blue Night!

A Story From My Shrimp

Typist’s note:  Very little of the following story is my own invention, just a few things here and there to clean it up.  Shrimp, DH and I were out walking and suddenly, the shrimp announces he wants to tell us a vampire story.  Didn’t think anything of it, b/c he’ll do this, but usually it’s like 4 lines long and makes no sense.  This time…keep in mind he’s 4, so (and this may just be proud mommy syndrome) I’m very pleased with his efforts.  On to the story!

Once upon a time, there was a bad vampire.  The people yelled out for Ironman to come and save them.  Ironman came and used his powers against the vampire.  The vampire used his powers on Ironman.  Then they took a rest.  Typist note:  Yes, just out of the blue, they rested.  DH & I nearly fell over laughing.

Then they started fighting again.  And Ironman killed the bad vampire.  The vampire got back up and started fighting Ironman again.  Typist note: Just like Buffy says: vampires always come back.  Guess he learned this lesson early.

The vampire died.  And then two more vampires came along.  And they fought with Ironman.  And a third one came.  Ironman killed all three of the bad vampires.  And now’s when it gets weird.  Then Caillou came along and asked Ironman to save him from the BIGGEST vampire.  The biggest vampire’s special power is that he’s big.  Ironman kills the biggest vampire.  And he helps Caillou up the beanstalk to his the big castle in the clouds where there is a giant.

Everyone was happy with the vampires dead.  They lived happily every after.

And that’s the best I can remember.  Still, I was pleased with the effort.  Although I do have to wonder if maaaaybe I talk about vampires and incubuses a little too much, if he’s picking up on it.  However, in my defense, there are vampires mentioned on a regular basis on the shrimp’s favorite show, Max and Ruby.

Good night.