Quiet Saturday Afternoon

Considering how sleepy I’ve been all day, and I’ve rejected all but one opportunity for a nap (which didn’t really help), it’s been a lovely afternoon.  The shrimp’s still in his quiet time (he fell asleep thankfully), the hubby’s off in dreamland fighting a migraine, and I’ve been able to enjoy some peace, quiet and tranquility. 

Finished my first complete go-through of Dreams and, my original Facebook status while I did so to the contrary, it’s not that bad.  First half, okay, maybe the first half sucks.  But that was before I knew where things were headed, so I think it’s fixable after all.  Not an easy task, but ah well.  One must have something to occupy one’s time.  This path isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s not easy when I see others announcing “I have an agent”, “I got a contract,” and so forth.  I remind myself I could have been one of them (contract one anyway), but I turned it down.  Whether or not it was a stupid decision remains to be seen.

Odd moment now: has anyone but me ever tried a hershey bar dipped in nacho sauce?  It sounds dreadful, I know, but surprisingly it wasn’t.  And I could go for it right about now.  Heck, the shrimp tried a brownie on his macaroni pizza yesterday.  I’m so proud of him for trying different things!  Hubby was grossed out by it though.  He got grossed out, like others I can think of, when I dipped french fries in my McFlurries. I wasn’t even pregnant at the time I did that.  Or the hershey/nacho thing either.  ::evil laugh::  Ahh, the fun I might have.


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  1. You don't want just ANY contract, you want the one that is best for your work now, and in the future. You want to find the RIGHT publisher to build a relationship with, not just the first ( or second, even)publisher to offer a contract. It just shows you're serious about your work. I turned down a contract last week too. It freaked me out to do it, but I still think I made the right choice. Good for you to not settle!


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