For Better or Worse

I finished the last chapter of Dreams last night.  Not really satisfied with the last chapter, but forced myself to put the trio through their paces and at least get the words out.  All shall be (I hope) smoothed over in round two here in a couple of weeks.

Now I can enjoy Rookie Blue tonight/tomorrow morning without guilt that I should be writing.  I can go through my lovely AA’s draft and give it the attention it deserves.  Most importantly, I finished 4 days ahead of schedule.

Alas, it shall not be all tea and roses in this down time.  I intend to start flushing out a query, writing the most wretched thing known to writerdom (the synopsis), and take my time going through the agent list at QueryTracker to confirm who are my top choices.  Except for one, who requested an earlier version of Rage, my first choices will ‘not’ necessarily be the first ones I query since query letters are like fine wine and may take some time to age properly.

Tragically, Dreams will have to be the last WIP I do until I finish something a bit more important.  ::sigh::  My capstone project for my Master’s degree.  I will be killed if I fail to finish my MPA.  My DH has already assured me of that, and I was starting to feel guilty about being one step shy of my Master’s and letting it go for something that may never pan out.  Oh lord, that’s my mother for you.  “What will you do until you succeed as a writer.”  Blah.

I have absolutely no interest any more in the degree I started a couple of years ago, before the writing bug bit me again.  But, I must finish.  It will give some time for things to percolate a little more, or alternatively, a new story idea to present itself since I’m probably crazy writing a full trilogy when I can’t even sell/get the first one agented.  Dreams stands alone though (mostly, though with a few carry-overs/over-arching plot) so I can pitch it by itself and hopefully resurrect Rage somewhere down the line.


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