This Just Isn’t Right

I’m 5k (more or less) from my intended goal of 95k for Dreams.  I have until Sunday (my self-appointed goal, in pretend preparation for that magical day when I have a real deadline from an actual editor/publisher – yeah, being an optimist).  I think the story’s decent, except my H/H haven’t managed to force the magical “I love you” out, and with the seven pages or so in the chapter that I cobbled together yesterday (on top of finishing the scene that plagued me for a month and writing the epilogue – woot), they’re no closer to it than when I started.

Marcelo – I can see him saying it.  He’s honest that he needs and will be able to say it.

Chris – I just can’t imagine her saying it.  She hasn’t even admitted it to herself.  I know she cares a great deal for him, would even force down her worst nightmare to keep him safe (yeah, the sex is that good), be it Ares or Jordan.  And I’m just not sure she’s capable of saying the three words.  Of course, part of the problem is she’s starting to make demands to be the MC in Blood Magic, rather than Donovan & ________ (haven’t figured that part out yet). 

Not sure how to get her to cooperate.  May have to ditch the partial chapter (2000 words) and take another tactic.  YARGH.

Again – this isn’t right.


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