Just when you think you know your uber-villain…

He surprises the heck out of you.  The dream-walker has no shame, and will appear as anyone he darned well pleases in the dreams of those he visits.  What I didn’t know was that he had absolutely no shame because I come to find out, he has no problem appearing as a woman to seduce someone into doing what he wants them to do.

Knowing who is behind Ares’ mask, I am absolutely fascinated by this new facet of his personality.  Far greater depth to the man than I originally thought.  I do hope he’s not trying to tell me something.  I refuse to admit it’s possible he might swing both ways.  ::glares meaningfully at Ares::  Get it, bud?  Now behave!

On a good note, thanks to that scene, I should get well past 3k words for the day.  I’m only about 400 words shy of that now.  Woot.


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