Gaaah, issues abound

Okay, I thought adding the next section in Dreams would be a cakewalk.  I had the scene already written, though it needed some serious revising, thanks to the Ares issues I’ve been harping on recently.  However, as I sit here and try to get it typed up and into the main body of the WIP, it’s sputtering.  I like the scene as it stood, but it doesn’t fit any more.  Too many things changed in the 2 or 3 weeks sine I wrote it.  Yes, I should just shove through it, like I have the past 20,000 words or so b/c I know this is my first draft and I fully expect to do a lot of changing when I rewrite (not to mention copious #’s of issues pointed out by my beloved CPs – yes, I do intend on making Chris grovel at some point for her behavior at the club, AA).

So close – my word count spreadsheet, available here shows I’m right at 80% (including the word count for the original version of the scene I’m currently revising).  I even know somewhat of what’s to come after that, but it’s driving me up a wall.  It should flow – I’ve got some version of the words.

My muse, my hot muse, needs to come back.  NOW!


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