Yeah, I’m pretty much dragging my heels because the words are coming only with great difficulty at the moment.  I can’t even (honestly) claim that it’s because of yesterday’s revelation that (once again) I didn’t final in a contest.  No, I’m not over my sulking about the issue, but that’s irrelevant.  No, I’ve been sorta slow for the past few days anyway.  I think it’s because I’m definitely on the downward slide and what I need to do is fit in the two pieces that I’ve already gotten pre-written, but I’m not quite sure how to work around to them.

One of the issues I’ve determined in while Marcelo & Chris can’t be in the same room together without their minds jumping onto a single track, there doesn’t appear to be as much “romance” as in the soft glances, the comfort…just after 4 days they’re now “a couple”.  Fast moving, especially when one considers Chris is 250+, and Marcelo’s closer to 1600.  Part of it’s the situation they find themselves in, since Chris has a sword on her neck, metaphorically speaking and a very firm deadline she’s trying to beat (1 week more or less).

This is becoming a pattern, at least over the course of Rage and Dreams.  Dara went from spitting mad every time Anthony’s name was mentioned to very much in love with him and willing to marry him in just about two weeks.  However, for her I can make the argument that she never stopped loving him though it got put on ice because he told her he’d done something truly vile and reprehensible, so once that misunderstanding was cleared up, the old feelings were there.

That’s not the case with Chris/Marcelo.  On his side, because of what he is, I can see it.  Chris…meh.  Not so much.  Or maybe it’s another case of she hadn’t met the right person.  Who knows.  We’ll have to see how much I can smooth out in the second draft.  Assuming I can finish the first draft.  Ugh.  13 days until I want to be done.  It’s doable…I think.  Should be.


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