On Fire

So this will probably jinx me, but I just have to enjoy the thrill for a little while.  Over the past week (going last Sunday through midnight Saturday), I’ve managed to put more than 26,000 words into Blood Dreams.  The tingly feeling I got when debating what to do about Ares seems to have finally lit a bit of a fire in me.  Since then, things have been flowing.  Yes, I have no doubt I’ll have some major revisions because lord knows some of the plot has changed and/or earlier parts will need to be tweaked because of the change in who Ares really is.  That doesn’t change the fact that over the course of a week, I’ve written more than a quarter of the total necessary.

Unfortunately, part of the missing words are ones I suspect shall be quite a drag on me.  I am, of course, referring to the infamous and ever unpopular with me to write, sex scenes.  Ugh.  Thanks to my ever gracious and genius CP AA I have the foundations of one and a second important one fairly close to completion (hmm, maybe I should find a different word there, given I’m talking about sex). 

I would just like to say to one and all…it’s amazing the difference the characters I’m dealing with make on what I think is actually necessary in a story.  For example, Dara and Anthony I was perfectly content to leave their relations behind closed doors and reference it.  For them, the story wasn’t about sex – after all, they had several years of history behind them already, knew what they liked and it simply became part of everything else they were dealing with.

Chris, on the other hand, is quite different.  Not only is she hooking up with a half-breed incubus, but…no, wait, that’s the point.  She’s snagged herself an incubus and now, to my ever-growing dismay, finds herself willing to shed her clothes at the drop of a hat.  Any hat.  And the hat’s not even neceesary if it comes right down to it. 

I think that, more than anything else, is driving my need to finish Blood Dreams.  I want to be able to put sex back on the shelf and have a couple who does more than…::cough::   Well, you get the point.  Yes, I understand full-on sex is now almost a requirement in a romance, but there are different ways of handling it. I just wish Chris had chosen a different way (read here more subtle) to express her individuality.

One final note: I actually went back to the very first completed version of Blood Rage this morning and skimmed through it.  I was absolutely shocked to see just how much my writing has grown in the past year.  Lord, no tension in the first few pages, too much backstory, and the list just goes on from there.  However, I did pick up on a few pertinent facts.  In a world where the story changed three times on the three full drafts I wrote of Rage, two characters remained unchanged, no matter what else shifted around them.  And I don’t mean the main characters, either.  Anthony and Dara both became drastically different from how I originally imagined them.  The first, which shouldn’t be surprising since she became such a vibrant person in her own right to demand her own book, is Christine. 

The other, I was surprised to realize, was Jordan.  While he undeniably has a larger role in Rage than he did originally, and far outstrips that performance with the one he puts on for Dreams, I kept true to who he told me he was.  I’m just so grateful he stayed a sociopath rather than mellowing out as I almost did to him in the early stages of plotting for Dreams, he can pretty much do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t desert me until it’s time for him to move on to his final reward.  ::evil cackle::  And yes, I’m eager to help him along the path to meet his fate.

Good night one and all.


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