And it’s done

Yeah, the words have officially stopped flowing.  This bites (no pun intended, given my WIP’s topic).  I spent three hours this morning going over everything, just to get a feel for how it might look and now when I try to pick up, I’m stuck.  Not sure it’s an issue of having written myself into a corner, becuase I do know what needs to happen, but I’m not sure how to get from where I’m at to the pieces I have waiting to add in.  Thus far, I’ve added a measly 340 words or so today thus far, and I’m not even sure I’ll keep those.

Looking back, I realized I’m going to have to do some major, major, MAJOR revisions to one of the sections toward the end that I’d already written.  A lot’s changed, and events I thought would take place haven’t.  I can probably use the majority of the information, but certain POV’s will have to be cleaned up.

Anyone have thoughts about how to bridge this kind of gap?  Wisdom to share?


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