Who is Ares?

For those who have read any part of my Blood Wars books…I just had the most unholy thought about who might actually be the big villain, Ares.  No one (and for the record, I just want to say that not even Loki has met Ares in person…that he’s aware of anyway) has met the uber-villain.  Ares hasn’t made a personal appearance in either book (well, he has, but those who are involved in that particular scene are both unconscious at the time, so they don’t see him either).

Anyway…I was reading over something in Dreams and the idea occurred to me and I got one of those full-body, OMFG tingles.  Far outstripping when I thought it was Christine behind it all.  It would only change Dreams a little from where it currently stands, and there would only have to be a couple of tiny changes (the tweaking of the Epilogue and a couple of lines in the last chapter) to Rage to make it stand up.

I’d discarded the possibility because I was pretty set on it being one particular person (AB & AA, if you’re reading this, you know who I mean), but then…hmmm…

Have I been obscure enough now?  Good.  Hopefully this entices people into wanting to read it once I sell it and they look at old blog entries.  Anyway, later.


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