Lovely Saturday

Well, instead of staying in and working on Dreams, the family and I went to a place called Lake Dillon.  Now, Denver’s up around 5,400 feet.  Lake Dillon, and the surrounding territory, is anywhere from 9,200 – 11,000 (yes, that’s not a typo, I saw at least one sign for a town that was up that high).  I knew there altitude could play havoc with one’s system.  After all, I wanted to half die when my dog got out just after we moved to Denver (from Florida) and I had to chase her for half an hour.  Good lord, thin air and all that.

I got a second lesson a couple of months ago when we went to this awesome zoo set right against the mountains (Cheyenne Mountain Zoo), which is at about 7,200 feet.  I was just getting over a nasty chest cold anyway, but the walking about (up and down hills and all that) did help clear the junk out of my chest.

Today, oh my lord, it was really, really rough.  We went on this nice walk through the trees not far from Lake Dillon (about 80 miles from Denver), but the killer of the walk was in the first 100 yards, which I swear to God was at least a 10% incline.  Wowzer!  But we survived.  Didn’t make it all the way through the nature walk (3.2 miles round trip), but we went a decent distance.  Lots of mosquitoes and flies, but pretty area. 

After the walk, we did head down to Lake Dillon and hung out near the marina, watching sailboats and other kinds of ships on the water.  The shrimp got to play at the playground right there, and we had a nice lunch.  All in all, a great day.  And now I’m trying to get some writing done on top.



  1. Nice! My boy had a baseball game there last summer — lotsa mosquitos. We camped there when I was a kid, too– same thing with the skeeters. Very pretty place to go though, huh?Glad you had a nice time! Now go kick the blinking cursor's butt. đŸ™‚


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