AMC Movie Theaters

We actually went to see Toy Story 3 this weekend.  It was better than I expected it to be, with plenty of funny moments, action, etc.  In case people haven’t seen it and still want to, I won’t get into any details at all.  That’s not the point of this post anyway, it’s about the movie theater we went to.

To start off, hubby found a couple of $1 soda/popcorn (regardless of size) deal today, so that represented a significant savings, right off the bat.  Then, the tickets themselves were (for us) $2/less for the matinee than we’re used to paying at Regal ($2.50 less for the shrimp).  If you go to a showing before noon, the tickets are only $5/each.  Then the attendant ringing us up for the tickets said, “You’re all kids today, okay?”  That meant for 3 of us, we got in for only $15, add in $2 for the popcorn and we saved almost half of what we normally pay for the three of us to go to a movie.  The theater was nice, the seats weren’t quite as plush (yet more comfortable than the Regal ones tend to be), and the movie was good.

All in all, a decent outing, if I do say so m’self.  We’ll definitely be patronizing AMC again.  It’s well worth driving an additional 6 or so miles to go there.


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