A Beta Male

Well I’ll be hornswoggled.  I was rereading what I’d done thus far on Blood Dreams and considering how Marcelo interacts with people.  For someone who likes Alphas, likes them as the romantic (and villainish) males in books, Marcelo’s shaping up into a Beta.  Of course, it really depends on your definition.  I pulled up definitions in the Urban Dictionary (Urban Dictionary – Beta Male) and they range from collaborative and and poetic (my preferred of the options) to clingy & moody. 

A few weeks ago, Ronnie over at Fiction Groupie did a post on alpha vs. beta males as romantic heros (see post).  Marcelo isn’t confrontational as such, I’ve learned.  Oh, he’ll stick by in a fight, be willing to stand up for something he believes in, but he’s not a caveman/chest beater (well, sex doesn’t count, but that’s because he’s an incubus and shifts his personality type based on what his mate needs/wants).  It’s probably a fairly good thing because if he was Alpha like Anthony from Blood Rage, I think Chris and he would be butting heads too much.  Chris is an Alpha, or at least how I envision one to be.  For her and Marcelo, this combination (thus far) seems to be working.  He supports her, but is also more than willing for her to take the lead.  It could be I’m wrong, and he’ll surprise me again by developing more into a “Me Tarzan, you Jane, go cook food” type, but I don’t think so.  He used to be Alpha, I suspect, if one delves into the past before he developed a conscience about what he did as an incubus (yeah, soul-sucking and all), but with toning down the demon side of himself, he mellowed out.

Any thoughts out there on Alpha vs. Beta males?


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