Insert Descriptive Title Here

Yeah, I hate coming up with titles.  There’s yet another reason I’ve chosen to keep the word “Blood” in my trilogy’s titles.  Saves me work and gives me a theme.

Blood Dreams Update
Well, thanks to a great many things, over the past  nine days I’ve written a little under 22,000 words on the MS.  That’s pretty good progress, although part of the work has constituted converting scenes I’d written previously when goofing around trying to come up with a plot.  However, neither of the major ones I ended up using could just be dumped in.  Tweaking, a lot of it in one of the two cases, was required.  But still, I’m now about 20% of the way through my first draft.  ::groan::  That still leaves almost 80% to go, which is frightening.  However, I’ve come up with some usable plot points and it’s sort of hard to leave my impulse to go back and fix the earlier chapters to fit with my current ideas.  But I’m determined to pound out a rough (oh so very rough) first draft by (please please please) mid August so I can tweak, fix and otherwise polish in time to enter Dreams in the Golden Heart (yeah, optimist am I that I might do okay in that contest).  I’d also like to be able to start querying on it by Octoberish.  Maybe.  I’ll hold on to the “I’m an optimist” here when I think about that goal.

I’ve also started seriously considering Dreams as Urban Fantasy with strong romance, as opposed to Paranormal Romance.  I was dealing with a character I thought wouldn’t be there, but when he popped in, suddenly one of my old wishes for his character crashed back into my head and apparently I’m going to stick with my original intent for his character.  Yes, I’m being deliberately obscure.  I’d like people to actually buy the books once their in print because they want to know how the story comes out!

Getting Published Update
Well, as mentioned before I turned down the offers I’d had.  Both took it well, and one of them actually was nice enough to say she hoped I thought of them in the future either for Blood Rage or anything else.  So that door, if all else fails, will be open to return to.

I submitted to another publisher, one that came to me highly recommended by a friend.  Until/unless I get an offer from them, it shall remain nameless.  So once again the waiting process starts.

Still waiting to hear back on the agent that requested a full on Blood Rage.  Losing hope as time goes on with no response though.  The ones that’ve heard back in a positive light (offers/revise & resubmit requests) seem to have gotten through it much faster.  But at least she asked for the full, and did it in a much more timely fashion than with some of the others who initially queried her around the same time as I did.  Most of them seem to still be waiting for a response on their partial, whereas for the past 24 days (or so) I’ve been waiting regarding my full.  Ugh.

Last but Not Least
My beloved and frequently beleaguered husband let me go to RomCon last weekend, as I’ve probably mentioned (that he let me go, not that I went.  I KNOW I’ve talked about RC).  He doesn’t get enough credit, he really doesn’t, for all that he does.  He took the shrimplet grocery shopping and sent me the picture below.  I LOVE MY BOY!  He’s growing up so fast.


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