Post RomCon and Decisions Made

RomCon News
Well, RomCon 2010 is over.  It was awesome and I walked away with somewhere between 42 & 48 free books, with 10 or so of them signed.  I’m not sure if the novellas count.  For the most part, I enjoyed it although today I didn’t find so much that I enjoyed. Nice intimate chat with Elizabeth Hoyt, although I cut out part way through to listen in on something else that was happening (the Meet TOR event, I believe).  Alison, if you’re reading this, who’s the editor you emailed your full to?  I might’ve met her.

All in all, my hubby already knows we’re going to try to find a way to get me to RomCon 2011.  The freebie books alone make it worth while.  And meeting the authors…so cool.  Got some really good time with Judi Fennell (Sourcebooks Casablanca, has a Mer-series out and a Jeannie one coming out), like a half-hour + this morning, with just me, her and another lady as we were waiting for the Sunday Brunch to come to an end.

Contract News
Thanks to the time I spent with a variety of published authors, I came to my decision on the offers that got floated back in May.  They probably already had written me off since I hadn’t ever said yes or no, but I finally went ahead and sent an email turning them both down.  It was a rough decision, but I think it’s the right one.  Even if Rage doesn’t sell anywhere, there’s always the next one that might.  I think it’s the best move for me commercial/profession-wise.

I also got some thoughts on the contests I’ve been entering.  Two authors independently said the same thing.  As you’ll recall from the recent Golden Claddagh results, people tend to either love or hate my work.  The authors I spoke to this weekend says, in its own way, that that’s a good thing.  It means I’ve got a very strong voice.  Yay me and voice!

I think I may start actually entering the first pages of Dreams in a few contests, get feedback that way.  Not many since it’s currently nowhere near finished.  And as long as they don’t request a syllabus since I don’t really have one yet, just a general outline.  Given the long lead-times, I should be plenty safe on the off-chance I finaled and won.  ::snicker::  I haven’t managed it yet, but ya never know!


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