Once again, thanks to my lovely CP

Well, her and Christina Dodd, that is.  Over on Facebook, Christine’s been posting pictures of who she would cast as main characters in a movie version of her Darkness Chosen series (Scent of Darkness, etc.).  Yesterday, she posted her pictures of the hero, one of my favorites, Adrik Wilder.  Her choice for the character was the same one I’d been modeling my Marcelo on, Gerard Butler from Dracula 2000. 

So, for the heck of it I went hunting for pictures that matched my thoughts, at least for the major three in Blood Dreams.  Strangely, I can picture another cast member from NCIS being Donovan (Brian Dietzen, plays an assistant ME).

Without further ado:

Jordan (with green eyes, he’s positively dead on.  Quite creepy, actually).  Actor named Eric Johnson.
Marcelo (Gerard Butler)
Christine (Pauley Perrette, NCIS)

Gotta love crit partners

I have two in particular, without whom I would without a doubt be lost.  They’re fantastic sounding boards and don’t hesitate to tell me when something doesn’t work for them with Dreams.  One of them (AA) came up with another line of thought for me to take with my quasi-villain, Jordan.  Since Jordan has been bugging me for the past month to do exactly what she proposed (letting him sniff after Chris), I think I’m going to indulge them.  Thankfully she didn’t imply I should let Chris be interested right back, because that would be so far beyond the pale, Chris might well have rioted and abandoned me at the half-way point of Blood Dreams.  She’s willing to put up with a lot so far, but having to flirt with the man who buried her alive once before and tortured one of her best friends was something she refuses to do.

So, with that possibility blossoming, along with my thought about Ares’ true identity still circling, I’ve got plenty of avenues.  And, based on my word count after today (as of this writing, I’ve added 2062, and I’ve got at least another hour until the bedding is dry to continue writing), I should almost be at my 50% mark (if I call 45k my 50%, which I haven’t, but I’ll be close, dang it!).

And yes, I’m doing laundry at 10p on a Tuesday.  My beloved husky peed all over our bedding at 8:30, so I had to do two loads of laundry so we could have clean sheets & blankets.  Blargh.  Oh well.  More writing time.

And, because so many writers lately have been talking about the existence of their muses, I thought I’d chip in on the subject.  Right now, I’m on the side of believing I have a muse.  That’s the only thing I can think of that might have caused yesterday’s tingle about Ares.  So yes, I have a muse and at the moment he’s not playing hide and seek with me.  Yes, traditionally muses are female, but in my case, mine’s male and he looks like a cross between Anthony Caldwell and Marcelo Lucente.  Lucky me!

Who is Ares?

For those who have read any part of my Blood Wars books…I just had the most unholy thought about who might actually be the big villain, Ares.  No one (and for the record, I just want to say that not even Loki has met Ares in person…that he’s aware of anyway) has met the uber-villain.  Ares hasn’t made a personal appearance in either book (well, he has, but those who are involved in that particular scene are both unconscious at the time, so they don’t see him either).

Anyway…I was reading over something in Dreams and the idea occurred to me and I got one of those full-body, OMFG tingles.  Far outstripping when I thought it was Christine behind it all.  It would only change Dreams a little from where it currently stands, and there would only have to be a couple of tiny changes (the tweaking of the Epilogue and a couple of lines in the last chapter) to Rage to make it stand up.

I’d discarded the possibility because I was pretty set on it being one particular person (AB & AA, if you’re reading this, you know who I mean), but then…hmmm…

Have I been obscure enough now?  Good.  Hopefully this entices people into wanting to read it once I sell it and they look at old blog entries.  Anyway, later.

AMC Movie Theaters

We actually went to see Toy Story 3 this weekend.  It was better than I expected it to be, with plenty of funny moments, action, etc.  In case people haven’t seen it and still want to, I won’t get into any details at all.  That’s not the point of this post anyway, it’s about the movie theater we went to.

To start off, hubby found a couple of $1 soda/popcorn (regardless of size) deal today, so that represented a significant savings, right off the bat.  Then, the tickets themselves were (for us) $2/less for the matinee than we’re used to paying at Regal ($2.50 less for the shrimp).  If you go to a showing before noon, the tickets are only $5/each.  Then the attendant ringing us up for the tickets said, “You’re all kids today, okay?”  That meant for 3 of us, we got in for only $15, add in $2 for the popcorn and we saved almost half of what we normally pay for the three of us to go to a movie.  The theater was nice, the seats weren’t quite as plush (yet more comfortable than the Regal ones tend to be), and the movie was good.

All in all, a decent outing, if I do say so m’self.  We’ll definitely be patronizing AMC again.  It’s well worth driving an additional 6 or so miles to go there.

Lovely Saturday

Well, instead of staying in and working on Dreams, the family and I went to a place called Lake Dillon.  Now, Denver’s up around 5,400 feet.  Lake Dillon, and the surrounding territory, is anywhere from 9,200 – 11,000 (yes, that’s not a typo, I saw at least one sign for a town that was up that high).  I knew there altitude could play havoc with one’s system.  After all, I wanted to half die when my dog got out just after we moved to Denver (from Florida) and I had to chase her for half an hour.  Good lord, thin air and all that.

I got a second lesson a couple of months ago when we went to this awesome zoo set right against the mountains (Cheyenne Mountain Zoo), which is at about 7,200 feet.  I was just getting over a nasty chest cold anyway, but the walking about (up and down hills and all that) did help clear the junk out of my chest.

Today, oh my lord, it was really, really rough.  We went on this nice walk through the trees not far from Lake Dillon (about 80 miles from Denver), but the killer of the walk was in the first 100 yards, which I swear to God was at least a 10% incline.  Wowzer!  But we survived.  Didn’t make it all the way through the nature walk (3.2 miles round trip), but we went a decent distance.  Lots of mosquitoes and flies, but pretty area. 

After the walk, we did head down to Lake Dillon and hung out near the marina, watching sailboats and other kinds of ships on the water.  The shrimp got to play at the playground right there, and we had a nice lunch.  All in all, a great day.  And now I’m trying to get some writing done on top.

Writing Style

Interesting – I was reading a blog article that popped up on facebook (Link from Facebook) which led to a site which analyzes writing styles supposedly (Writing Style Analyzer).  I put in writing samples from Rage, Dreams, Magic, & Song and came up with 3 different answers.

For Dreams, it came up with William Gibson (never heard of him).
For Rage & Magic, it came up with Cory Doctorow (I think I’ve heard of him).
For Song, it came up with James Joyce (of course I’ve heard of him).

Makes me wonder if my style’s just changing from piece to piece, or what.  Just thought they were interesting.

A New Day, a New Take

Okay, for all my lovely, decisive words the other day about Marcelo, the hero of Blood Dreams, being a beta…I don’t think it’s going to work.  Not when I found out just how easy it was to nudge him back into proper alpha-hood.  A sentence here, a knife to the gut there, and poof.  He just needed some encouragement and apparently he took offense to the fact that I’d relegated him to beta-male status.  And yes, I’m fully aware Marcelo is a figment of my (sometimes) fertile imagination.  That doesn’t mean he doesn’t talk to me.  At least he shuts up once in a while, unlike certain other members of the cast of Dreams.

Hopefully that will get me back on track because thus far my word count for the week is downright pitiful at just over 2,000 since Monday.  YARGH!  I want this first (horrid) draft over and done with.  I’ve come up with some ideas on how to fix it, but if I keep going back to tweak, I’ll never have a full draft. 

Just sharing my angst.  Have a great day! 

A Beta Male

Well I’ll be hornswoggled.  I was rereading what I’d done thus far on Blood Dreams and considering how Marcelo interacts with people.  For someone who likes Alphas, likes them as the romantic (and villainish) males in books, Marcelo’s shaping up into a Beta.  Of course, it really depends on your definition.  I pulled up definitions in the Urban Dictionary (Urban Dictionary – Beta Male) and they range from collaborative and and poetic (my preferred of the options) to clingy & moody. 

A few weeks ago, Ronnie over at Fiction Groupie did a post on alpha vs. beta males as romantic heros (see post).  Marcelo isn’t confrontational as such, I’ve learned.  Oh, he’ll stick by in a fight, be willing to stand up for something he believes in, but he’s not a caveman/chest beater (well, sex doesn’t count, but that’s because he’s an incubus and shifts his personality type based on what his mate needs/wants).  It’s probably a fairly good thing because if he was Alpha like Anthony from Blood Rage, I think Chris and he would be butting heads too much.  Chris is an Alpha, or at least how I envision one to be.  For her and Marcelo, this combination (thus far) seems to be working.  He supports her, but is also more than willing for her to take the lead.  It could be I’m wrong, and he’ll surprise me again by developing more into a “Me Tarzan, you Jane, go cook food” type, but I don’t think so.  He used to be Alpha, I suspect, if one delves into the past before he developed a conscience about what he did as an incubus (yeah, soul-sucking and all), but with toning down the demon side of himself, he mellowed out.

Any thoughts out there on Alpha vs. Beta males?

Free at Last!

Oh thank GOD!  We’ve finally finished the short sale, some 7 months after we decided to let the house go.  The papers are signed and we’ll even get a little bit of money out of the deal, thanks to some sort of FHA seller-incentive (and a previously much-malaigned short-sale agent over at Bank of America who over the past two weeks did a LOT to make me really sorry I ever got pissed at her).

So no longer homeowners.  This makes me happy, in many ways.  Sad in a couple.  Ah well, some day we’ll try it again.

Made it to the (approximate) quarter-finished mark last night (25k words) in Dreams.  So that’s a good thing, just hope I can keep up the pace.  I’d really like to.

Insert Descriptive Title Here

Yeah, I hate coming up with titles.  There’s yet another reason I’ve chosen to keep the word “Blood” in my trilogy’s titles.  Saves me work and gives me a theme.

Blood Dreams Update
Well, thanks to a great many things, over the past  nine days I’ve written a little under 22,000 words on the MS.  That’s pretty good progress, although part of the work has constituted converting scenes I’d written previously when goofing around trying to come up with a plot.  However, neither of the major ones I ended up using could just be dumped in.  Tweaking, a lot of it in one of the two cases, was required.  But still, I’m now about 20% of the way through my first draft.  ::groan::  That still leaves almost 80% to go, which is frightening.  However, I’ve come up with some usable plot points and it’s sort of hard to leave my impulse to go back and fix the earlier chapters to fit with my current ideas.  But I’m determined to pound out a rough (oh so very rough) first draft by (please please please) mid August so I can tweak, fix and otherwise polish in time to enter Dreams in the Golden Heart (yeah, optimist am I that I might do okay in that contest).  I’d also like to be able to start querying on it by Octoberish.  Maybe.  I’ll hold on to the “I’m an optimist” here when I think about that goal.

I’ve also started seriously considering Dreams as Urban Fantasy with strong romance, as opposed to Paranormal Romance.  I was dealing with a character I thought wouldn’t be there, but when he popped in, suddenly one of my old wishes for his character crashed back into my head and apparently I’m going to stick with my original intent for his character.  Yes, I’m being deliberately obscure.  I’d like people to actually buy the books once their in print because they want to know how the story comes out!

Getting Published Update
Well, as mentioned before I turned down the offers I’d had.  Both took it well, and one of them actually was nice enough to say she hoped I thought of them in the future either for Blood Rage or anything else.  So that door, if all else fails, will be open to return to.

I submitted to another publisher, one that came to me highly recommended by a friend.  Until/unless I get an offer from them, it shall remain nameless.  So once again the waiting process starts.

Still waiting to hear back on the agent that requested a full on Blood Rage.  Losing hope as time goes on with no response though.  The ones that’ve heard back in a positive light (offers/revise & resubmit requests) seem to have gotten through it much faster.  But at least she asked for the full, and did it in a much more timely fashion than with some of the others who initially queried her around the same time as I did.  Most of them seem to still be waiting for a response on their partial, whereas for the past 24 days (or so) I’ve been waiting regarding my full.  Ugh.

Last but Not Least
My beloved and frequently beleaguered husband let me go to RomCon last weekend, as I’ve probably mentioned (that he let me go, not that I went.  I KNOW I’ve talked about RC).  He doesn’t get enough credit, he really doesn’t, for all that he does.  He took the shrimplet grocery shopping and sent me the picture below.  I LOVE MY BOY!  He’s growing up so fast.